uBooking <3 Umbraco Cloud

We have tested and can verify that uBooking works with Umbraco Cloud (UC). But you might wonder, what if Umbraco releases a version upgrade that is not compatible with the current uBooking version? This text is taken from the UC FAQ and the Umbraco guidelines:

How does Automated Upgrades work?

We automatically upgrade to the latest patch version of Umbraco CMS (such as 7.4.x). For minor upgrades, you’ll get a button in the interface to decide if you want to move to that version (such as 7.5.0) when it comes. When we make a new patch version, we first run it through our test suite, then test it on 10 test-sites (which are copies of “real” customer sites that we’ve been given permission to use). When all that passes, we roll out the upgrade in batches of 100 to customer accounts.


What is a breaking change?

This section describes what a breaking change is in regards to the Umbraco codebase. Generally breaking changes are only made on major releases


With that said, we should not need to worry about uBooking to break when Umbraco releases minor upgrades.


Setting up uBooking on UC

When setting up you new website please follow the Umbraco documentation. When we did the setup we had to update the connection string to the database to the correct Azure database connection string, you find more details about this when you login to the Umbraco Cloud portal.

When you got your project setup correctly install uBooking as you would on a normal instance of Umbraco in the developer section. When installed you need to go to the user section and activate uBooking to your user, reload you page and you are done!