General features
Quick setup, up and running within 5 minutes
Easy to install / upgrade
Easy navigation
Friendly booking interface
Time slot booking
Date / date range booking
Email notifications
Booking + resource overview
List all bookings
Statistics, (Monthly + Annually)
Search bookings
Sort bookings
Form builder
Form validation (Mvc dataannotations + jQuery validate)
Thank you message
Custom currency sign
Create your own booking payment statuses (Payed, Partially payed, Arrived, you name it!)
Approve / Decline bookings
Prevent double booking
Number of bookings to list in the booking listing
Booking listing pagination
Ability to show past bookings
Edit bookings
Change resource of bookings
Add notes
Date resource
Minimum amount of days that need to be selected
Maximum amount of days that need to be selected
Half days bookings (For check in / out)
Set cost per day
Time picking resource
Select a specific time slot
Set cost
Calendar availability
Recurring events
Set start date
Set end date
End at a given date
End after x occurences
Create your form without a single line of code
Inputs: Text field, Email field, Password, Dropdown list, Radiobutton list, Checkbox, Radiobutton
Set helptext
Set input default value
Set input placeholder
Set input to mandatory
Min / max length validation
Custom regex validation
Resource layout
Edit the layout of the calendar with simple controls in Umbraco
Height, Background, Font (family, color, weight), padding etc. with preview inside Umbraco (this generates a css file)
Thin navigation arrow ❯
Filled navigation arrow ➤
Custom navigation arrow, select arrows from Umbraco Media
Navigation arrow opacity, arrow colors etc.
Day status colors
Hide / show previous and next months numbers
Weekstart (Sunday, Monday)
And much more!
Email notifications
Multilingual email templates (Bind culture to email template)
Sender email
Sender name
Custom subject
Insert Booking ID, Price, Arrival / leaving date and form input fields to the template
Send to a specific email or the customer